Frequently Asked Questions

What is Employment First?

Employment First is a movement to deliver meaningful employment, fair wages, and career advancement for people with disabilities.

What is the definition of "employment" within Employment First?

A person with a disability applies for and is hired to fill an open position in the general workforce.

What is competitive integrated employment?

It is work that is performed at the same rate of pay as others doing the same job and within the community alongside others without disabilities.

What is a 14c Certificate?

The certificates authorize employers to pay subminimum wages to workers with disabilities for the work they perform.

What is Arizona APSE's stance on 14c Certificates?

We believe individuals with disabilities, including those with the most significant disabilities, are capable of achieving high-quality, competitive integrated employment when provided the necessary skills and supports. AND that 14c results in unnecessary segregation of individuals with disabilities.

Who can join APSE?

Anyone who believes in APSE's mission of Employment First.

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Department of Economic Security: Vocational Rehabilitation

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Arizona Disability Benefits 101

Arizona Technology Access Program

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Arizona at Work


Department of Economic Security: Division of Developmental Disabilities

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Arizona Department of Education Exceptional Support Services

SSA logo

Social Security Administration Work Incentives

Job Accommodation Network

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

Arizona Center for Disability Law

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Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council


Arizona Achieving a Better Life Experience

Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Websites & Resources

Fort Mojave Indian Tribe logo

Fort Mojave Indian Tribe

Tohono O'odham Nation


Navajo Nation Office of Special Education & Rehabilitation Services

NDL logo

Native American Disability Law


Salt Rive Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

The Hopi Tribe logo

The Hopi Tribe

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